Library Policy

Behaviour Expectations in our School Library
 Use quiet voices
 Keep food or drinks out
 Be courteous of others, control your actions
 Library computers are for the LIBRARY CATALOGUE ONLY
 Handle books with care, stand the book on its spine on the shelf
 Use the SEARCHING STICK to save your place when looking at a book so you can return it to its spot
 All books must be signed out by a teacher or library volunteers
 Books should be sorted and placed in the RETURN bins. Teachers will be notified regularly of overdue materials
 Students are to be supervised at ALL TIMES
The Library is a quiet place to enjoy a good book, complete research or study.

Things to remember when borrowing a book:

 Take care of the books
 Do not place the books near food or drinks
 Do not write or draw on books
 Do not cut out pictures
 Keep borrowed books in your school bag when not using them
 Do not dog-ear the pages of a book
 Use a bookmark, do not leave a book open and face down (it ruins the spine)

If a book is returned damaged, then the student is responsible for the replacement cost of that book!

Available for Circulation
All fiction and non-fiction books can be borrowed by students for a 2 week loan period. Books can be renewed for an additional 2 weeks if desired. Teachers borrowing books for classroom use can keep items for extended borrowing period of up to 1 month.
Reference materials cannot be checked out by students and are for library use only. Reference materials include: dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, magazines, CD ROMs or videos.

Overdue Items
Students with overdue items will be given notice bi-weekly via class printouts. Students will be required to return items by the end of the week. If the items are still not returned by the end of the month, the book will be considered LOST and a replacement cost for the book will be billed to the student.

Lost / Damaged Items
Books returned damaged will be assessed for repair or replacement. Badly damaged items will be taken off circulation and students will pay a replacement fine to replace the damaged book. Damaged books include ripped or missing pages, liquid or food stains, or wrecked spines.

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